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BIO / Биография

Head of the sector of economic and mathematical modeling

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
– настоящее время (1 год 1 месяц)

working out and examination of scientific and investment projects;
appraisal of investment projects.

PR coordinator, Social Networking Manager and Events Coordinator

Russian Cultural Centre
(9 месяцев)

• Management of events, conferences, forums.
• Promotion though russian and chinese websites, social networks, microblogs,
• Newsletters, promotions and PR actions
• Websites administration and support
• Responsible for organisation of invitations, speakers, advertising

Director of Russian Representative Office in China

RADIUS Engineering Centre of Research and Innovation
(1 год)

• Searched customers and partners for cooperation
• Searched products and suppliers of related goods
• Prepared promotional stuff and participated in international exhibitions
• Made presentations during specific forums and meetings
• Prepared products for manufacturing in China
• Managed custom clearance of mining products
• Negotiated with suppliers, dealers and manufactures on contract terms
• Took part in products certification and patent processes
• Resolved conflicts and complaints between the dealing parts
• Translated meetings and negotiations during business trips

Senior Software Engineer, Department of Analysis and Statistics

(4 года)

• Developed and introduced new corporate standards and approaches to process data as well as developed over 1000 statistical forms and new ways of data presentation
• Developed and designed specific software applications to provide collecting, processing, analyzing of mobile operator technical and statistical raw data helping to reduce network errors and faults, saving money and increasing quality of service to 98% in data traffic.
• Negotiated with data exchange providers to develop new approaches for the testing of international data roaming, opened roaming and signed agreements with more than 150 networks
• Resolved corporate clients’ complaints within service platforms; searched and solved mobile network problems and faults
• Translated specific technical documentation and presentations for company stuff during tenders for equipment supply
• Launched new methods of maintenance and control of accuracy of content providers activity, resulting in elimination of bad quality service

Product Manager, Consultant

(2 года 9 месяцев)

• Launched the delivery department enabling to sell 15% more goods in retail
• Developed pricing policy as well as time management system in the company
• Coordinated communication with Bosch Headquarters to place orders, facilitated custom clearance for Bosch power-tools including approximately 60% of Belorussian market
• Successfully negotiated with Hitachi Co. as well as with Polish, Ukrainian and Chinese companies to promote their goods at the Belarusian market, strategized with partners about industry penetration, technology and pricing
• Improved the motivation system of the company staff
• Designed models to check the accuracy of book-keeping
• Created the plan for rearranging the business process, including marketing and finance, conducted business process audit within the company
• Developed methods of optimizing the taxation, allowing to save working assets by 5% extra
• Certified as a bookkeeper by the Belarusian Association of bookkeepers

Senior Software Designer

(1 год 6 месяцев)

• Performed complete automation of the company, achieving efficiency of saving the 20 % of operation time and processing commerce data, improving the accuracy by 5%
• Strategized with partners about industry penetration, technology and pricing.
• Wrote manuals that enabled workers to become familiar with new systems
• Certified as an expert in automation by the company «1C» (Moscow)